Smoke and mirrors

Ntabiseng is back on smoke and mirrors

There has been a lot of twisted stories on etv drama smoke and mirrors.  Many people have fallen in love with the drama series which aired in 2022. The drama has a number of very interesting characters like Caeser, Magolide, Sakhile, Mpendulo, Thandiswa, Virginia.

Ntabiseng was one of the best characters on smoke and mirrors. She was Sakhile’s wife and exited the show in December 2023 due to some misunderstanding. Two people exited the show between December 2023 and February 2024. Another character that left the show was Sindi.

However Ntabiseng has decided to come back on screen but this time as Sonto. Viewers were very happy to see the return of Ntabiseng on smoke and mirrors even though she came back playing another role .

Sakhile was very happy when he saw Sonto at a tax rank. He came running and tell his little sister, Tiny but he could not talk to Sonto. Sakhile actually thought it was Ntabiseng that he saw at the rank.

Sonto and Sakhile will meet and fall in love with each other. Sakhile decide to marry Sonto because she looks exactly like his ex wife but Virginia was not happy with it because she loves Sakhile.

After Sakhile and Sonto get married, they have a child and named him Ntweni. Sakhile is very happy to have another son which was his wish with Ntabiseng. Ntabiseng could not give birth,  she tried everything and still she faliled to conceive. She was depressed because she also wanted to have a baby in her life. She even consulted traditional healers who just scammed her lying that they can help yet they only need her money.

Sakhile’s first son which he had with Thandiswa a long time ago is very happy to have a little brother.  He even moved to stay with his father so that he could play with Ntweni, his little brother.


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