Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and mirrors 1 April 2024 Catch up

Virginia decided to visit Mpendulo at Sakhile’s house to check on how he has been doing and he found Sakhile and Tiny there. Sakhile was very angry to see Virginia showing up herself in front of him after what she did with his own son. Virginia apologized but Sakhile could not buy it. Mpendulo came abd tried to explain to Sakhile that it is not Virginia’s problem but Sakhile was very angry with that and he even wanted to beat him with a belt.

Thandiswa tried to call Virginia so that she tells her that she wants to deal with her for what she did with her son. Seems Virginia has been hiding herself for sometime. Caeser came home to fetch his clothes and Virginia thought that he will ask about the video but unfortunately he did not even talk about nor be angry. She was hurt to see that her ex husband does not even looking bothered by the video she posted and she started shouting at him asking him why he is not aangry at her.

Magolide and Tiny saw the Hotel manager post and they decided to apply. They tear off the vacancy post and throw it in the bin because they did not want anyone else to apply. Unfortunately so many people sae the post on the hotel website and they came to apply. Tiny was hurt when she discovered that a lot of people have come to apply for the same role but she kept applying with high hopes.

Mandla and Lulu went to the hospital to see their son Fanyama who was hit by a car when he was chased away of the house by his own father.  Fortunately they found him awake and well recovering.  They took him home and had a bonding time as a family.

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