Scandal 1 April 2024 catch up

Motsabi realized that she is in trouble even though she did not know that she is causing trouble. She helped Nqobile not knowing she is getting herself into trouble. She decided to move out from her mother’s house and go back where she has been for all along but Dintle stopped her and told her that she is not suppose to run away but rather face it.

Mary came to see Tibi and his friend and they were discussing about school work but it seems Tibi’s mind is somewhere else. Tibi seems to be so much in love with Mary. It was clear that he loves Mary  just from the look he was giving to his friend when he kept talking to Mary. It seems like Tibi is really jealous if he saw someone talking to Mary. When his friend came and asked if they can go out together Tibi tried to stop him but he insisted.

Just when he went into the house to fetch his books, Tibi ran away and went to see Mary. He then lied to Mary that his grandfather is not feeling well and he does not like people around him so they have to find another place for their discussions. However Ceejay overheard them talking and he decided to give them some space at his gym.

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Phakhamile has been very angry at Motshabi and she want her to get arrested but Jojo is trying to calm her down so that they get information on what exactly happened since Nqobile lied to her sister that she is going to see her boyfriend Tibi yet she was not going there.

Mdala and Thlogi have been going through a canceling session with Vuvu’s mother but is it seems its not working. Mdala just told his wife that everytime he tries to make love with his wife he kept seeing Sanka  who she once cheated with.


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