Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and mirrors 2 April 2024 catch up

Today on smoke and mirrors, Virginia decided to sign the divorce papers and gave them to Caeser. She then told Caeser that the house is hers and it’s non negotiable. Caeser was happy that she signed the divorce papers despite the fact that he is losing the house.

Mthetho then did a search of one of the girls they k!lled and he found out that she was Thandiswa’s sister. He then go and tell Jaxon about the issue but it seems Jaxon is not even bothered about it. He then go to the cell where they detained Sonto and he gave her food but she refused and told him that she does not eat their food because they might have poisoned it. They took her fingerprints and did forensic tests and they found out that she is not Nthabiseng.

Sakhile called the lawyers for her but she was surprised and told Sakhile that how can he call the lawyers for her while she does not know him and he does not know her neither. Sakhile was full of confusion and he even showed her a picture of Nthabiseng and she was also surprised that they look alike but she insisted that she is not his wife and she does not even know who Nthabiseng is.

Mpendulo went to the saloon to see his mom and asked for forgiveness for the way he spoke to her earlier. Thandiswa also asked for forgiveness for being selfish and think about herself only. Tiny asked Lulu to apply for a manager post but she refused and told her that she already has a lot of work to do in the kitchen.  Mamiki said that she is also applying for the manager post because she likes to manage and she is good on managing people.

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