Nhlamulo ran away with Larona

Nhlamulo was very hurt after the DNA results which proved him that Larona is not hid child and Chloe is his biological daughter.  With all the love he has invested on Larona he could not just let her go with Simone her biological mother. Simone has been raising Chloe for so many years thinking that she is her own daughter.

Nhlamulo decided to run away  with Larona and he is still yet to believe that Chloe is his child. He asked his friend, Mdala to help him run away. He took his car and run away with Larona and only Mdala knew about it.

After few days , his wife and family did not know where Nhlamulo was . Simone came also looking for her Larona and found out that Nhlamulo had disappeared with her. She then called the police to help her look for him.

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Nhlamulo then called Bridget to let her know where he was and unfortunately Simone overheard and interrupted  them as she wanted to know where Nhlamulo was. However he hung up the call before Bridget even know where he was.

Because he wanted to go to China, Mdala advised him to get Larona a passport as well and that also delayed him from crossing the boarder. Before leaving Nhlamulo decided to go and say goodbye to his dearly late wife, Lindiwe.

His father then told the police that if they want to get hold of Nhlamulo they should go to the cemetery because he knew very well that he can not leave without saying goodbye to Lindiwe. Police ran there and fortunately they found him there but leaving the place already.  They managed to stop and arrest him .

Nhlamulo was arrested and was put in the cells. He then agreed to handover Larona to Simone but both the girls were taken by the social services team because the family failed to have an agreement.


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