Lerato Nxumalo Bids Farewell to Scandal! for Love, But Promises a Return

In a surprising turn of events, actress Lerato Nxumalo has exited the popular South African soap opera Scandal! to join her white boyfriend in Sweden. According to sources, her boyfriend, who is preparing to marry her, no longer wants her to continue with acting. He has promised to give her anything she wants, leveraging his considerable wealth to support her.

A Love-Driven Departure

Lerato Nxumalo, known for her role as Phakamile on Scandal!, has decided to prioritize her personal life over her burgeoning acting career. Her boyfriend, a wealthy individual from Sweden, has asked her to leave the show as part of their plans to start a life together. The couple is reportedly planning their wedding, with her boyfriend eager to ensure she has everything she desires.

Farewell to Phakamile

Fans of Scandal! will undoubtedly miss Lerato’s portrayal of Phakamile, a character who has been integral to the show’s recent storylines. Her exit marks the end of a significant chapter for both the actress and the show. Lerato’s departure is bittersweet for her fans, who have grown to love her performance and will miss her presence on screen.

A Promised Return

Despite her current departure, Lerato Nxumalo has assured fans that she will be back on Scandal! next year. Interestingly, she will return in a different role, one that does not involve any r.0mantic storylines. This change is likely a nod to her new personal circumstances and her boyfriend’s preferences.

Future Prospects

Lerato’s move to Sweden and the upcoming marriage signal a new beginning for the actress. While her departure from Scandal! is driven by love and personal commitments, her promise to return in a new role keeps the door open for future contributions to the show. Her fans can look forward to seeing her back on screen, albeit in a different capacity.


Lerato Nxumalo’s exit from Scandal! to join her boyfriend in Sweden is a testament to her commitment to her personal life. While her departure will be felt by fans, her promise to return next year in a new, non-r.0mantic role provides a glimmer of hope for those who admire her talent. As Lerato embarks on this new journey, her fans eagerly await her return to the screen, ready to support her in her next chapter.

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