Isitha The Enemy

Isitha: The Enemy 2 April 2024 catch up

Today on isitha: The enemy, Khaya and Nandi comes back from their outing so that they attend their vows renewal ceremony. Solomzi came with a goat and the money that Chuma has requested him to pay for sleeping with his brother’s wife.

Solomzi gave Velaphi and Nyiko their money after they stole cables and he told them agin that on friday night they are going back again. Velaphi had said that he no longer want to steal but it seems like money control him.

Nolitha went to Solomzi and told him that she want them to work together and destroy Khaya and Nandi’s marriage so that Nolitha take Khaya and Solomzi take Nandi. He agreed and they tried to figure out how best they can approach them and destroy.

Nkanyiso got his first payout from the investor and he showed Martha how much he had make. Martha was tempted and she asked Nkanyiso to teach her how to do it. Nkanyiso was very happy to hear Martha saying that she also want to invest. She then said that she will invest R40 000. They went to see the investor and he told her that after two weeks she will receive her payout double. She got tempted and invested all her money.

Amahle is struggling with the criticism on social media about her from the shack to live in a royal family.  She told Mbuso that she is suggesting that they break up so that she will be freed. She also told him that his mother does not like her at all and she is not welcomed at the royal family. Velaphi called Amahle while she was bathing and Mbuso answered the call and told Velaphi to stay away from Amahle because she is now his wife but Velaphi promised him that its not yet over he will come for Mbuso.

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