House of zwide

Loyiso and Faith ties a knot

House of zwide has managed to keep its viewers entertained for a long time. It always give very interesting storyline. Faith has been staying with Funani Zwide and she has been trying to force love everyday.  Funani did not want to be in love with Faith again but Faith kept coming back to Funani because she really loved him.

However it came as a blessing in disguise for Faith when Nkosi stole millions from house of zwide and get scammed  when he tried to invest it with Kopano. Nkosi met a young man who he went to the same high school with and the boy was pretending to be very rich and he convinced Nkosi and Shoki to invest money in his business so that he can scam them.

Nkosi was an accountant at house of zwide and he had access to all the money. He decided to take the company money and invest it wity Kopano so that when he get back his shares , he will pay back the money he took. At first they invested and they get back their money with some very good interest in a very short period of time.

They were now well convinced that Kopano’s businesses are legit.  Just when they invested the company money which was worth R100 million , that is when Kopano turned their back on them and ran away with the money.

However some shareholders requested an audit and they brought Loyiso to the company to do some audit. Loyiso and Faith once met in college and they were very happy to see each other again. They started going out for lunch and dates until Loyiso confessed that he loves Faith and also Faith confessed that she loves him since she has been looking for love .

Faith decided to take off her wedding ring with Funani and gave it back to him and told him that she is moving out with Loyiso. Faith and Loyiso then moved in together as their love keeps growing each and every day.


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