RIP: Condolences pour into Shaka ILembe lead actor Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha, celebrated South African actress and philanthropist, recently shared a heartfelt and sorrowful message on social media, mourning the loss of one of the scholars from her Nomzamo Lighthouse Foundation. The emotional post revealed the depth of her grief and the impact the young scholar had on her and the foundation.

A Heartbreaking Loss

Nomzamo expressed her profound sadness over the death of the scholar, who succumbed to his pain and suffering, ultimately losing his battle with hopelessness. She described carrying a “little pocket of grief” over the past week, feeling deeply triggered and heartbroken for his family and friends. Her words reflect the intense emotional connection she had with the young man, and the shared dreams and hopes for his future.

A Promise Unfulfilled

The scholar was not only a beneficiary but a beacon of hope and resilience. Nomzamo had promised to see him through to his graduation day, a promise now painfully unfulfilled. She reminisced about his remarkable self-belief and the way he inspired those around him, galvanizing them with his spirit and determination. The loss is not just personal but a collective heartbreak for everyone at the Nomzamo Lighthouse Foundation.

The Weight of Grief

Nomzamo’s message highlighted the unfairness of his untimely death, emphasizing that he never displayed any sign of giving up. His fight and self-belief were sources of inspiration, making the loss even more tragic. Nomzamo’s sorrow is compounded by the many questions and pain left behind for those who knew and loved him.

A Call to Remember and Support

In her poignant tribute, Nomzamo underscored the importance of support and love for those struggling with mental health issues. She wished that the post could have been a celebration of his graduation rather than a memorial. Her words serve as a powerful reminder of the silent battles many face and the necessity for compassion and support.

A Legacy of Hope

While the scholar’s life was tragically cut short, Nomzamo’s message is a testament to his enduring impact. She assured that although he is now free from the pain and burdens of this world, those left behind will continue to grapple with the loss. Her commitment to the Nomzamo Lighthouse Foundation and its mission to support and uplift young people remains steadfast, honoring his memory by continuing to fight for others in similar circumstances.


Nomzamo Mbatha’s moving tribute is a call to action for greater awareness and support for mental health, particularly among young people. The loss of a promising young scholar is a stark reminder of the importance of community, compassion, and the enduring impact one person can have on many lives. Through her grief, Nomzamo remains a beacon of hope, determined to carry on the work that brings light to so many others.

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