Nandi Madida’s Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Husband Zakes Bantwini

South African singer and actress Nandi Madida has penned a heartfelt birthday message to her husband, Zakes Bantwini, expressing her love and admiration for him on his special day. In a touching post, she reflected on their journey together, particularly highlighting a poignant moment from 2020.

“Happy birthday Zakes!!” Madida wrote. “The year was 2020, 2 months after Covid lockdown. Nefertiti was 14 months old (I miss doing that 25) singing to her dada and all we had was one another.. this video reminded me that even in the most challenging of times you always remain a light in our lives. Continue to shine @zakesbantwini and what a blessing it is that you see another year.”

Her message not only celebrated Zakes Bantwini’s birthday but also underscored the resilience and love that have defined their relationship, especially during the difficult early months of the pandemic. Madida’s post, accompanied by a nostalgic video, resonated with many of their fans, showcasing the deep bond and unwavering support the couple shares.

As a beloved public figure, Madida’s personal message to her husband serves as an inspiration, reminding everyone of the importance of family and love in navigating life’s challenges. Fans and followers have been sending their well-wishes and birthday greetings to Zakes Bantwini, joining Madida in celebrating his special day.

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