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House of Zwide 2 April 2024 catch up

Today on house of zwide Onalerona went to Uncle Molefe and tell him that Soka is jealous of her and Neo because he is stalking  Neo with Mampho. She told Molefe that Soka told her that Neo is cheating on her but she does not believe him because she trust Neo with all her heart. Molefe gave her some advice and then he went to see Soka so that he hear his side of the story. Soka told him that Mampho saw Neo cheating and Molefe could not believe because he thinks Mampho is a liar.

However Molefe called Neo and asked him to meet so that they can talk. Just before they met, Neo took Ona out to have lunch. Neo left his phone on the table as he goes to order the food. Onalerona then saw a conversation of Neo and his other girlfriend talking about the fun they had last night. Ona was very disappointed and asked Neo who that girl was but Neo could not say even a word. Onalerona then suggested that they break up with Neo.

Zola sent a letter to Zanele and it melted her heart. She is now considering of taking Zola back as the father of her baby. However she is really worried about what the doctor said about her baby’s twisted foot.

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Nkosi has been beaten so badly and he was taken to hospital. He called his father while he was asleep as he was trying to tell him what had happened to him but he failed to speak.  That left Funani in a panic mode and he could not sleep again. They were told that he is at the hospital and they visted him. Shoki was worried and asked to see him but the doctors told her that she can not see him at the moment.

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