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Zanele keeps Zola’s baby

Zanele has been in a very toxic relationship with Zola. At first the relationship was very sweet and loving but it just changed when Zola starts controlling Zanele. Zanele and Zola met at Nkosi’s wedding in 2023. Their relationship get too toxic and Zanele would want to leave but she was threatened by Zola.

Zanele and Zola moved in together for less than a month because Zanele could not stand Zola’s demands. She asked her family to come and rescue her. Faith tried to talk to Zola but he was  very rude and stubborn to listen to what she was saying. In those few days they stayed together,  Zanele fell pregnant but she was not aware of it.

Zola started threatening Zanele because she wanted to leave and he even poured p*trol in the house . Faith then called the police and they came and arrest Zola. He was kept in prison for 6 months and he did not know that Zanele is pregnant with his baby. Zanele only realized it this month that she is 6 months pregnant and its Zola’s baby.

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When she finds out that she was pregnant she decided to terminate the pregnancy and she told her ex boyfriend, Sandile about the issue and he was willing to help her. However one day when Zanele visited Dorothy who just gave birth to his handsome boy, Zanele was left with Dorothy’s baby and as she was holding the baby she fell in love with a baby and she decided not to terminate hers.

When the day they agreed to go to hospital arrived,  Sandile called and they drove to the hospital but when they just got to the hospital Zanele started thinking about her baby and she told Sandile that she can not terminate the baby anymore but she will tell people that the baby is Sandile’s.

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