House of zwide

House of zwide 1 April 2024 catch up

Today on House of zwide, Molefe had a nice time with his family. He went to Isaac and ask for some money to use on his child but unfortunately Isaac could did not have money also.

Funani bumped into Faith and Loyiso while making love at house of zwide and he seemed to be very hurt. Loyiso then asked to see Funani and he told him that he has to respect Faith because she is now his woman. Funani told him that he does not have any problem with Faith so they can enjoy their relationship.

Ona went to Soka and started shouting at him for what he is doing with Mampho. Ona still do not believe that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She shouted at Soka and told him to stay away from Neo because she thinks they just want to destroy her relationship.

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Nkosi left home to do his new work as a tax driver but unfortunately his day did not end well. Shoki has been asking him to come back home but he insisted that he still looking for extra money because he really need it so he will go home a bit later. While he was parking ready for another client, he was approached by armed men and they kidnapped him.

Zanele and Faith went to the hospital to check Zanele’s pregnancy and sadly they got bad news that the baby is being affected by a certain disease. She was really heartbroken. Zanele and Faith did not tell Funani about the pregnancy.  Sandile is worried that Zanele told Zola that she is pregnant.

Mampho told Maria that she is now back to be friends with Soka and Maria actually gave her an advice to be in a relationship with Soka. Mampho was really surprised with how Maria handled this issue and she asked him what had happened to change her mind because she did not like Soka before and she told her that she likes him because he is an accountant and since Nkosi is now a tax driver , Soka is better than Nkosi.

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