Scandal 2 April 2024 catch up

Today on scandal,  Mdala and hid wife Thlogi went for counseling with Vuvu’s mother but it seems nothing is working. Their relationship is now cold but Thlogi still loves her husband wholeheartedly but Mdala is still thinking of how Thlogi betrayed him. The reverend tried to talk to them but she even gave up on their marriage. Thlogi asked Mdala if they can fix their relationship or else they should just divorce. Mdala is not ready to let Thlogi go but she is also not ready to forgive her for what she did to him.

Nhlamulo and Vuvu had a great time together with their beautiful daughter Chloe. They are getting a strong bond day by day. Wakhahina asked Nhlamulo to take Chloe to Lindiwe’s grave so that her mother will see her.

Tibi’s grandpa found him smiling lying on the sofa and called him but he could not even  here it as he was busy thinking about Miss Mary who she is falling in love with day by day. He asked him why he was smiling and Tibi lied to him that he is thinking about school work. He even promised his grandpa that he is going to improve in school starting from now since he is doing extra lessons with Miss Mary. His grandpa wanted to take him out on holiday with Khumo but Tibi refused because he wants to spend time with Miss Martha.

Khumo visited Tibi but the way he was looking at him was not friendly.  Khumo could see that something is wrong with Tibi and he discovered that Tibi loves Miss Martha and that is why he is now acting weird and running away from him. Tibi then told Khumo that since he knows that he loves Miss Mary he should back off and leave the two so that they can spend some time together.

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