DJ Tira’s Son, Samkelo Shezi want to add teo more wives and revealed number of children he want

Samkelo Shezi, son of renowned South African DJ Tira, has openly embraced polygamy and shared his aspirations for expanding his family. Currently married to two wives, Samkelo plans to add two more, bringing the total to four. Inspired by well-known polygamist Musa Mseleku, Samkelo envisions a large family with each wife bearing him ten children.

Samkelo explained his decision, saying, “I have always wished to be a polygamist since I was growing up. Musa Mseleku’s lifestyle has been a significant inspiration for me.” His admiration for Mseleku’s way of life has led him to pursue a similar path, aiming to grow his clan significantly. He believes that having multiple wives and numerous children will help increase the people of his clan, a goal he holds dear.

In addition to his desire for a large family, Samkelo candidly shared his enjoyment of the polygamous lifestyle. “I really enjoy changing bedrooms every day,” he said, highlighting one of the personal pleasures he finds in having multiple spouses.

Samkelo’s plans reflect a traditional and culturally rich aspect of South African society, where polygamy has historical roots and remains a practiced lifestyle among some. His openness about his polygamous intentions and admiration for Musa Mseleku underscores the influence of cultural icons in shaping personal life choices.

As he works towards adding two more wives, Samkelo Shezi’s journey into polygamy will undoubtedly draw attention and spark discussions about modern interpretations of traditional practices. With his prominent family background and bold aspirations, Samkelo is set to carve out his own unique legacy within the Shezi clan.

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