Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya a mother but she is a v.!rgin

South African actress and singer Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya, best known for her role on the popular medical drama “Durban Gen,” has made a startling revelation that has sparked considerable discussion. Despite being a mother, Nelisiwe claims that she is still a v.!rgin and intends to remain so until the age of 40.

A Unique Revelation

In a recent interview, Nelisiwe shared her unique personal journey, stating, “I am still a v.!rgin and plan to remain so until I turn 40.” This declaration has intrigued many, given that she is a mother. However, Nelisiwe clarified that her baby was conceived through means other than s.3xual intercourse, though she did not provide further details.

Challenging Conventional Narratives

Nelisiwe’s statement challenges conventional narratives around v.!rginity and motherhood. Her experience sheds light on the various ways women can become mothers, including methods such as artificial insemination or surrogacy. By sharing her story, Nelisiwe is opening up a broader conversation about the diverse paths to parenthood and the personal choices women make about their bodies and their s.3xuality.

Public Reaction

The public reaction to Nelisiwe’s revelation has been mixed. Some have expressed disbelief, while others have applauded her for her honesty and bravery in sharing such a personal aspect of her life. Many fans have taken to social media to support her, praising her for breaking societal norms and encouraging a more inclusive understanding of womanhood and motherhood.

Nelisiwe’s Commitment

Nelisiwe’s commitment to remaining a v.!rgin until 40 is a personal choice that underscores her values and beliefs. She has expressed that this decision is part of her spiritual and personal journey. “It’s about staying true to myself and my beliefs,” she stated, emphasizing the importance of personal integrity and self-respect.

A Role Model for Many

As a public figure, Nelisiwe’s revelation has the potential to inspire many women who may feel pressured by societal expectations around s.3xuality and motherhood. Her story is a powerful reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to life, and that personal choices should be respected and celebrated.


Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya’s announcement that she remains a v.!rgin despite being a mother is a bold statement that challenges traditional views and encourages a broader dialogue about personal choices and motherhood. Her story highlights the importance of respecting individual paths and the diverse ways women can experience and define their lives. As Nelisiwe continues her journey, she remains an influential figure advocating for authenticity and self-respect in the public eye.

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