PICS: Kabza De Small overcame MaWhoo’s temptation

In the ever-active world of social media, a recent tweet by the controversial X user Chris Excel has stirred up a lively debate. Chris Excel posted a photo of South African artists MaWhoo and Kabza De Small embracing, accompanied by a caption that many found provocative.

The Tweet That Sparked It All

Chris Excel’s tweet read:

“This Hug from MaWhoo had a purpose…

She knew what she was doing by bringing that 10 KG cl.3avage on our brother’s face.

This is a hug that makes a weak man lose focus.

But our brother’s mindset of a King!!!

Learn from Kabza.”

Reactions from the Public

The tweet quickly garnered a mix of reactions. Some users found the comment humorous and a light-hearted observation, while others criticized it for being disrespectful and objectifying MaWhoo.

The Photo in Question

The picture shows MaWhoo giving Kabza De Small a friendly hug. Chris Excel’s interpretation of the photo suggests an ulterior motive behind the embrace, implying that MaWhoo’s cl.3avage was a deliberate distraction.

Defending the Artists

Fans of both artists were quick to defend them. Many pointed out that the hug appeared to be a simple gesture of camaraderie and support, not deserving of the controversial interpretation. They praised Kabza De Small for his professionalism and focus.

The Impact of Social Media Commentary

This incident highlights the power of social media commentary and the varying perceptions that can arise from a single image. It also underscores the importance of respect and sensitivity when discussing public figures online.



While Chris Excel’s tweet may have sparked debate and attracted attention, it serves as a reminder of the diverse perspectives that social media can amplify. The interaction between MaWhoo and Kabza De Small remains a moment of friendship and respect in the eyes of many, despite the controversy stirred by the provocative post.

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